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We are ready for you

WE ARE READY - AND YOU? The set-up in Hall 550 is finished, the manufacturers have unpacked their furniture and objects and are presenting themselves in the best light to the design-savvy visitors. The special shows are set up, the catering is ready. Yesterday at 17.00 the press orientation took place, many interested journalists were present and visited the exhibition afterwards. At the vernissage the invited guests got a first impression. Stefan Zwicky, curator of "new spaces" opened the event with some key data on the history of the exhibition and this year's 11th edition. Remo Derungs, President VSI Association of Swiss Interior Architects, together with Claudia Böhm, Vice President VSI, then also addressed a few words to the audience. People met, there was a lot of discussion, the atmosphere was inspiring. From today 12.00 is neue räume 22 open for the public! We are looking forward to seeing you all. (Credits sz, jr)


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