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Anke Grundaussttung

Basic equipment

If you take part in «neue räume» you do not have to build an actual stand. We will provide you with a carpet, the basic lighting and demarcations from your stand neighbors. The stand will be inscribed using a stele with your logo. In our gallery you can see various solutions from previous years.

Anke Impressionen Halle

Hall impressions

ABB's old production facilities form the framework for «neue räume». Imposing steel beams and large skylights characterise the hall, which is up to 15 metres high. The industrial character gives the place a unique atmosphere and forms an exciting contrast to the exhibits. Hall 550 was extensively renovated in 2020 and now offers the ideal conditions for the exhibition thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure. More information about : Hall 550

Karte Oerlikon.png
Anke Standort


Located in district 11 of Zurich, Zurich Oerlikon is divided into a southern and northern part along the railway line. While the center of Oerlikon is in the south, new residential and living space has been created in the former industrial quarter in the north for several years.

«neue räume» is taking place in Hall 550 right next to the MFO Park designed by the architects Burckhardt and Partner. The train station, which reopened in 2016, is an important hub for public transport. You can also reach Oerlikon from anywhere in a short time by private transport.

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Anker Anmeldung


Would you like to show your products at «neue räume»? Fill out the contact form, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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