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See you next time!

We thank you for your loyalty and commitment, because so in 2022 the International Interior Design Exhibition "neue räume" can take place again. "neue räume 22" will inspire and excite. We look forward to your ideas and suggestions as always on To the Nordic feeling fits the following Smørrebrød-Recipe: 1–2 slices of brown bread (e.g. pumpernickel), 2-3 lettuce leaves, 1 cup of sour cream, fresh dill, 1 red onion, marinated or pickled herring (e.g. herring flet from a jar), salt & pepper. Add the finely chopped dill to the sour cream, season with salt & pepper. Spread the bread with the sour cream, top with lettuce and the onion rings. Finally, arrange the pickled herring on top and decorate with dill, for example. The variations of Smørrebrød-Recipes are countless - with crab, salmon, blue cheese... and accompanied by a glass of ice-cold aquavit and a Danish beer!

skål and see you next time.

judith raeber for neue räume 22


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