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Comfort food - Copenhagens best of

One of the highlights of Copenhagen's food scene - along with the legendary NOMA, of course - is the hip restaurant AMASS on a former industrial site on the edge of the harbor. Southern Californian Matt Orlando cooks up a mix of minimalist Nordic cuisine and Californian spirit in an old tool shed. In summer, picnic in the vegetable garden and enjoy the excellent fried chicken with bisquits, cole slaw and a chocolate chip cookie. The newest restaurant in the COFOCO (Copenhagen Food Company) family is HÖST, designed by design studio Menu and Norm Architects. The space is rustic-modern, and the cuisine is fancy and innovative. COFOCO and Trois Cochons are also highly recommended. For lunch, the new market halls are a paradise for slow food lovers. In addition to many catering specialties, there are exclusive food stalls with Danish dishes, such as Hallernes Smørrebrød. And even if it is very difficult to book a table at NOMA - just don't give up hope! (Credits COFOCO, jr, AMASS, NOMA)


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