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Design object Switzerland

The classics of Swiss design are also available online - some of the well-known Swiss furniture manufacturers joined forces a few years ago and offer their products on a joint platform to pool their ideas and resources and strengthen Swiss design. Behind the online portal are traditional Swiss companies with the highest standards of design quality, materials and workmanship: Embru, Lehni, Lichtprojekte, Mox, schindlersalmerón, Seledue, Thut, Tossa and WEIBELWEIBEL. The online store offers a wide range of products for the bedroom, living room, office, hallway, dining room and garden/balcony. They are delivered via associated specialist dealers. At "neue räume 22" they exhibit as a community of Swiss furniture design in a joint staging. (Branch stool Schindler Salmeron, side table Marionet Mox, tool cabinet Thut, Jon armchair WeibelWeibel - Credits designobjekt)


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