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Wine and architecture

Winemakers not only want to offer their customers taste experiences, they also want to impress them with architecturally interesting buildings. A well-known Swiss example is the Gantenbein winery in Fläsch by the architects Gramazio Kohler. The new wineries are buildings that make grand gestures, such as the Casa Antinori of the eponymous winery, designed by Italian architect Marco Casamonti - a spectacular, striking building that references the Tuscan earth with its rust-red steel shell. Also striking in its expressive formal language is the new building of the Kurtatsch winery in South Tyrol by the Bolzano-based architectural firm Dell'Agnolo Kelderer. Its entrance front makes reference to the surrounding craggy rock faces. An example of a completely different kind is the Schmidt winery on Lake Constance, where the architects Ludescher + Lutz - present a modern interpretation of the Vorarlberg architectural language with a successful structure made of wood. (Credits Elmar Ludescher | Wolfgang Scheide, Albrecht Voss, Giorgio Magini)


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