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the best cookbooks from South Tyrol

To extend the pleasure a bit, there are a number of interesting cookbooks from South Tyrol. The pleasure guide "Das neue Südtirol" (Christian Verlag) is dedicated to the new culinary discoveries of South Tyrol. Otto Geisel, a trained chef, visits young restaurateurs, vintners and farmers in his adopted homeland, tells their stories, elicits their culinary secrets and presents their favorite recipes. For the cookbook "Genussregion Südtirol", published in 2022 by Matthaes Verlag, eleven top South Tyrolean chefs have joined forces and present their businesses, their philosophy and their work in exciting dishes in this comprehensive cookbook. This results in a versatile collection of recipes. In "Kochbuch Südtirol - Die junge Bergküche" tradition meets modernity and excellent recipes meet interesting stories. In it, Herbert Taschler, a South Tyrolean by choice, introduces chefs and producers with innovative ideas who do not lose sight of the traditional cuisine of South Tyrol (Christian Verlag 2021). (Matthaes Verlag, Christian Verlag)


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