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Special shows - Young Labels part one

The special show "Young Labels" offers small companies and/or young designers the opportunity to present their designs and products to a broad audience. At this year's edition "neue räume 22" 23 labels show innovative and unconventional ideas. From carefully designed textiles to handmade ceramics and shapely swiss pine wood furniture, visitors can expect a promising and varied exhibition. We present a first selection, which shows the diversity of the exhibiting labels. Since 2005, nektardesign has been producing handmade and custom-made tables for small and large customers. They are driven by a passion for beauty and the extraordinary, which is why their focus is mainly on design. Raina combines fresh Swiss stone pine wood with contemporary furniture design and traditional craftsmanship. Raina's restrained design is carefully oriented towards the processing possibilities and the character of the Swiss stone pine wood, and avoids any form constraints. Specialized in the field of biophilia design, Cosmos Design creates high-quality solutions for the connection between man and nature. In addition to its own products, the design studio offers further services in the field of product development and spatial conception. The designer Lukas Baumgartner and the carpenter Severin Meier are Studio Krach. They had a simple goal: to create their own chair that could be mass-produced in an ordinary carpenter's workshop in Zurich. The result is the beautifully designed Sihl chair. (Credits nektardesign, raina, cosmos, Studio Krach)


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