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Furniture and objects from wood

Wood is an important processing base of the design scene. Nordic manufacturers in particular are known for their use of the renewable, sustainable material. There are almost countless examples of furniture, accessories and lighting, from Alvar Aalto's armchairs to Secto's lamps. Eikund, one of the exhibitors at "neue räume 22", has the polar bear in its program, a design from 1955, a physical pictogram that leads to a beautiful interpretation of this polar animal. Also, from Eikund is the lounge chair Krysset, a design by Fredrik A. Kayser. The crossed legs form the overall structure of the chair, which emphasize the handcrafted beauty. The backrest is stretched like a sail by a piece of leather sewn to the frame. The Rosebud wardrobe by Schindler Salmeron is a good example of an interpretation of personal memories. The sled runners used are from the Johler snail sled production. A curved raw element was split into three wardrobe elements each and provided with incisions for hanging clothes or bags. The company IGN focuses exclusively on the production of individual wooden furniture. They process solid wood into tables, chairs and beds. (Credits Eikund, Schindler Salmeron, IGN)


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