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Exhibitor new rooms 22

At our Swiss exhibitors, there are some novelties as well as classics to see. At wb-form, we like the Cloud Lamp by Susi and Ueli Berger from 1970, which consists of two differently shaped, glued polystyrene shells with a maximum diameter of 70 cm. The two designers used the then new technology of vacuum forming of plastics to break out of traditional form and norm and create a hanging lamp in the shape of a cloud. In collaboration with the label Qwestion, designer Frédeéric Dedelley developed the Ensō armchair for Lehni. Ensō is an armchair for indoors and outdoors, characterized by functionality, timeless design and minimal use of resources. Aluminium from recycled cycles and regenerative, naturally grown plant fibres form the basis of the frame and seat. Stephan Hürlemann designed the OOLO coat rack for Mox - a small, space-saving coat rack for meeting or waiting rooms where few people want to put jackets or coats. Formally, OOLO impresses with its perfect proportions and unobtrusive appearance. USM will present plant worlds and classic models at "neue räume 22". In a wide variety of colours to match any interior, USM furniture will last a lifetime. (Credits wbform, Lehni, Mox, USM)


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