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The Center for Architecture Zurich ZAZ shows the exhibition "TOUCH WOOD" from 10. 6. to 22. 10. 2022. Starting from the material, TOUCH WOOD explores the potential in architecture and invites a differentiated reflection on our built future. Practical and visionary at the same time, TOUCH WOOD delves into the universe of wood and opens the view to an environmentally friendly architecture of the future. For the new exhibition at the Pavillon Le Corbusier, seven contemporary photographers visited seven selected buildings. Their resulting subjective photographic portraits complement architectural models in uniform scale and material. The show invites the public on a journey through France and Switzerland to discover Le Corbusier's architecture from new perspectives. Exhibition through Nov. 27, 2022, at the Pavillon Le Corbusier Zurich. With the major exhibition "Sculpture. Rethinking the World," the Vitra Design Museum explores the history, present and future of a controversial material: from the rapid rise of plastics in the 20th century to their devastating consequences for the environment and approaches to solutions for a more sustainable use of plastic. Rarities from early modernism, objects from the pop era, as well as numerous current designs and projects will be on display. The exhibition continues until 4. 9. 2022. (Credits Vitra Design Museum, ZAZ, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich)


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