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Special shows - Young Labels part two

At this year's edition "neue räume 22" 23 labels show innovative and unconventional ideas. From carefully designed planters to timepieces and attractive accessories, visitors can expect a promising and varied exhibition. We present the second selection, which shows the diversity of the exhibiting labels. Form & Refine is a Danish interior label that carefully selects the finest materials from around the world and has them processed in the countries of origin, taking into account the local craft traditions. The resulting collection pieces in Nordic design become even more valuable over the years. Dabisabi is a manufactory from Lucerne that produces beautifully shaped ceramics. d a b i s a b i carries the Japanese aesthetic concept *wabisabi*, the concept of perception of beauty - w a b i - quiet simplicity and s a b i - traces of the past, so perfectly imperfect. IKO. introduces a new armchair for office use. Each iko. floating armchair is individual. Different materials and colours are available. No matter the combination, quality is always the top priority and the workmanship is impeccable. Atelier Volvox from Zurich manufactures objects for a more poetic everyday life: fascinated by colours, shapes and surfaces, interested in a wide variety of manufacturing techniques and with a desire to create and produce. The objects are made in small series by artisans and supervised workshops. (Credits Form & Refine, dabisabi, iko, atelier volvox)


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