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From August 27 to December 18, 2022, the Bellpark Museum will present an exhibition on the American artist and musician Kim Gordon. At the suggestion of Kim Gordon, photographer Josephine Pryde is also involved in the exhibition project in the former factory owner's villa in Kriens. Both turn to the subject of real estate, gentrification, gentrification in an unusual way. A woman is a woman is a woman.... a history of women artists. This opportunity to question the art historical canon is presented in the exhibition on women artists in the collection, curated by cultural scientist Elisabeth Bronfen. The exhibition at the Aargauer Kunsthaus explores the relationship between visual art and sexual difference in modernism and postmodernism through January 15, 2023, while the Gelbe Haus in Flims approaches this Swiss phenomenon in the exhibition MYTHOS CHALET - Sehnsucht, Kitsch und Baukultur (exhibition through October 23, 2022). And we look forward to the inspiring atmosphere of the Maison et Objet fair and Paris Design Week from September 8 - 12 , respectively 17, 2022. (Credits Museum Bellpark, Aargauer Kunsthaus, das Gelbe Haus, Maison & Objet)


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