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The design is Italian, the rest is production. And in Italy, design companies bear the names of the families that founded the brands. Like Tacchini, created in 1965 by Antonio, when production was almost entirely Italian, and the most poetic and soul-stirring passages in the story of design were written. Still today, in Tacchini family the strength of the idea is central to every creative process, in a logical process of evolution, from the analysis of the idea to the three dimensions of the object, before ultimately becoming the essence of living. Tacchini is a reference point in furniture business, thanks to its constant stylistic and functional research, project and product culture, care for people and environment. Tacchini wants to improve home and public spaces quality, in a world dominated by constant changing in needs, technologies and lifestyles. Tacchini always improves its products and services with passion, creativity and responsibility. The result is a “work in progress” of original and versatile solutions, suitable for every environment and situation, able to arouse emotions day by day.