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We are back - with the artist Beat Zoderer

For the 11th edition of "neue räume" the well-known Swiss artist Beat Zoderer designs the key visual of the International Exhibition for Living, Furniture and Design. He is also showing some of his latest works as part of a special exhibition. With his distinctive paintings, objects and installations, Beat Zoderer is one of the leading artists on the Swiss art scene and has made a name for himself internationally. Beat Zoderer (*1955 in Zurich) has been working as an independent artist since 1979. Inconspicuous everyday objects and materials from the hardware store form the components from which he composes his filigree works. PVC, building boards, rubber bands, metal strips, or poured-out Styrofoam balls merge to form radical optical structures, which, upon close inspection, surprise the viewer with their seemingly effortless lightness. Playing with the questioning of visual conventions makes his art surprising and winning. (Credits Beat Zoderer)


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