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Prolongation of the vacation feeling

A little South of France feeling for home, read on the balcony the book "a French summer" by Francesca Reece and drink a glass of rosé... In Cassis at Fragonard, after visiting the perfume factory, buy a summery fragrance for home (perhaps Coeur de Soleil), have the famous Tarte Tropézienne packed at Micka's in Saint-Tropez and buy lots of Picholines olives at one of the weekly markets. The cheese selection in the box lined with wood wool gives off an intense aroma in the car, but where better goat cheese than in France. Together with a bottle of excellent Bandol from Domaine la Suffrène, the almost French baguette from Seri, the holiday feelings still resonate a bit at home.... and, of course, go there again soon - the French Riviera is worth a trip at any time of year. And in the meantime, you can console yourself with yes the new Downton Abbey film, most of which is set there. (Credits Fragonard, La Tarte Tropézienne,, le marché de nos collines)


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