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Fresh from sea and garden: the cuisine of the south

Near Saint-Tropez is the organic winery Fondugues-Pradugues with special rosé and red wines. The estate has its own highly recommended restaurant - but a special experience is the gray vintage food truck L'Ephemere, where you can enjoy Provençal delicacies under pine trees. La Petite Maison is an institution and one of Nice's hotspots. A restaurant, with a beautiful terrace, an elegant traditional space and that certain mix of grandeur and place to be. The cuisine has an excellent reputation in the city. Just off Cannes' famous Croisette, the inviting Bobo Bistro is somewhat hidden. In a stylish setting with black-and-white photos and a wall installation of old spools of thread, it serves varied seasonal Mediterranean dishes. Overlooking Marseille's old harbour is Sepia, a favourite for simple yet refined market cuisine. In 2017, the flat white building was completely renovated with copper elements, to which - and, of course, the copper cooking pots -the restaurant owes its name. (Credits Fondugues, Nicola Bramikg Smart Traveller, Bobo Bistro, Sepia)


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