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Exhibitor neue räume 22 - textiles

At neue räume 22, some highlights from the Swiss textile world are on display. Christian Fischbacher, headquartered in St. Gallen, has been producing luxurious and aesthetically outstanding home textiles for over 200 years. Attention to detail, a deep-rooted passion for the quality and beauty of materials, and the drive for creative innovation combine in the products to form an irresistible whole. The Ruckstuhl company from Langenthal has been processing natural raw materials into cultural values since 1881. As a carpet producer with a long tradition, it still stands in this ancient cultural stream - modernized to the 21st century and with a skill and knowledge in the processing of natural fibers passed on from generation to generation. ZigZagZurich is part of the art and design community. Through ZigZagZurich, consumers rediscover artistic creation in the form of home textiles. ZigZagZurich collaborates with established and also previously unknown artists from a wide spectrum of art, design, illustration, craft. The Khodarahm family has been running NEGRA carpet & home since its inception. Mostafa Khodarahm has been involved in the carpet business for over three decades with a keen sense of stylish, modern designs and high quality materials. His daughter Negin Khodarahm has been bringing her experience as an architect in interior design to the company since 2017. (Credits Fischbacher, Ruckstuhl, Zigzagzurich, Negra)


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