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Exhibitor new rooms 22 - all in color

Swiss manufacturer Vifian has developed a modular and functional storage system in collaboration with Mia Kepenek. Trio impresses with multidimensional looks and sophistication in both material and colour combination - complexity that looks simple and convinces threefold. With its clear design language and playful details, the colourful system furniture will convince any design lover. The table IGN. 3D is made of high-quality solid wood. Its harmonious lines and curved shapes make it appear surprisingly light. With IGN. 3D, you can build your own personal works of art. The Stadthall chair by Roland Rainer is a Viennese original from the 1950s. Due to the special construction method, the Stadthallensessel appears visually massive, robust and radiates value. The redesign by Seledue also features a model with armrests. New is the merger of GUFRAM and MEMPHIS ITALIA, known are the extraordinary furniture and objects. At "neue räume 22" the characteristic design icons can be visited. (Credits Vifian, IGN, Seledue, MEMPHIS)


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