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news from neue räume - September 2022

WE ARE READY - AND YOU? The set-up in Hall 550 is finished, the manufacturers have unpacked their furniture and objects and are presenting themselves in the best light to the design-savvy visitors. The special shows are set up, the catering is ready. Yesterday at 17.00 the press orientation took place, many interested journalists were present and visited the exhibition afterwards. At the vernissage the invited guests got a first impression. Stefan Zwicky, curator of "new spaces" opened the event with some key data on the history of the exhibition and this year's 11th edition. Remo Derungs, President VSI Association of Swiss Interior Architects, together with Claudia Böhm, Vice President VSI, then also addressed a few words to the audience. People met, there was a lot of discussion, the atmosphere was inspiring. From today 12.00 is neue räume 22 open for the public! We are looking forward to seeing you all. (Credits sz, jr)   

neueraeume.ch | vsi-asai.ch

news exhibitor new rooms 22 - textiles

At neue räume 22, some highlights from the Swiss textile world are on display. Christian Fischbacher, headquartered in St. Gallen, has been producing luxurious and aesthetically outstanding home textiles for over 200 years. Attention to detail, a deep-rooted passion for the quality and beauty of materials, and the drive for creative innovation combine in the products to form an irresistible whole. The Ruckstuhl company from Langenthal has been processing natural raw materials into cultural values since 1881. As a carpet producer with a long tradition, it still stands in this ancient cultural stream - modernized to the 21st century and with a skill and knowledge in the processing of natural fibers passed on from generation to generation. ZigZagZurich is part of the art and design community. Through ZigZagZurich, consumers rediscover artistic creation in the form of home textiles. ZigZagZurich collaborates with established and also previously unknown artists from a wide spectrum of art, design, illustration, craft. The Khodarahm family has been running NEGRA carpet & home since its inception. Mostafa Khodarahm has been involved in the carpet business for over three decades with a keen sense of stylish, modern designs and high quality materials. His daughter Negin Khodarahm has been bringing her experience as an architect in interior design to the company since 2017. (Credits Fischbacher, Ruckstuhl, Zigzagzurich, Negra )

fischbacher.com | ruckstuhl.com | zigzagzurich.com | negra.ch

Design object Switzerland

The classics of Swiss design are also available online - some of the well-known Swiss furniture manufacturers joined forces a few years ago and offer their products on a joint platform to pool their ideas and resources and strengthen Swiss design. Behind the online portal are traditional Swiss companies with the highest standards of design quality, materials and workmanship: Embru, Lehni, Lichtprojekte, Mox, schindlersalmerón, Seledue, Thut, Tossa and WEIBELWEIBEL. The online store offers a wide range of products for the bedroom, living room, office, hallway, dining room and garden/balcony. They are delivered via associated specialist dealers. At "neue räume 22" they exhibit as a community of Swiss furniture design in a joint staging. (Branch stool Schindler Salmeron, side table Marionet Mox, tool cabinet Thut, Jon armchair WeibelWeibel - Credits designobjekt)


WHAT'S ON? Evening events and special shows

Design from Grisons: Competition Mobiglias 

At "neue räume 22", the Grisons-based group "mobiglias" is showing the award-winning works of a design competition. The competition was publicly announced at the beginning of 2022. At the end of April, 44 submitted works were juried. Six works were awarded a cash prize and a further four works received a nomination. Prototypes of all 10 works were produced by "mobiglia's" production companies and are now being presented at the special exhibition. The exhibited furniture and objects convince with their diversity of ideas and skilful interpretation of Grisons craftsmanship. 

The association "mobiglias - Handwerkskultur in Graubünden" was founded in 2015. Its purpose is to promote and implement measures and projects to bring high-quality furniture and objects to the market. The quality should be expressed in design, processing, materialization and ecology. Further goals are the Education and training in the field of production and design of furniture and objects and the Conducting competitions.    (Credits mobiglias )



Memphis Milano and Gufram are two historic brands of radical Italian design that produce iconic pieces of furniture that have become part of the collective imagination around the world. These two companies will now become part of Italian Radical Design, a new group founded by Gufram owners Sandra and Charley Vezza with the aim of strengthening Italian design brands that stand out for their distinctive and non-conformist approach. In Switzerland, they will exhibit together for the first time at "neue räume 22".

The furniture store H100 invites you to a party dedicated to its newest family members of Memphis Milano and Gufram. The creations of the two Italian Radical Design brands are among the world's greatest, most iconic and most photographed masterpieces in design history. Selected pieces are now on display and available for purchase in H100's showroom. This calls for a celebration! With music, drinks and food. (Credits Gufram, Memphis Italia, H100, Zurich Design Weeks.

gufram.it | italianradicaldesign.com | h100.ch | designweeks.ch

Talk and book vernissage: how will we live in the future?

For almost twenty years, Archithema Verlag's architecture awards "The Best Conversion" and "The Best Single-Family House" have reflected the current living culture in Switzerland. In a panel discussion with prize winners, jurors and other architects, they will discuss what constitutes this culture and where the journey could go. Is there a need for more flexible housing? What happens to the huge stock of old residential buildings from the 1960s and 1970s? How do we make the Swiss building stock fit for the future? How do we develop floor plans that will still be valid in 50 years? These are questions that will be discussed with a high-caliber panel on the occasion of the Interior exhibition "New Spaces" on Friday, September 16, starting at 5:00 pm.

Discussing: Yvonne Rösch-Rütsche, winner of "The Best Single-Family House 2022" award, Lukas Lenherr, winner of "The best single-family house 2020", Dominic Meister, Dost Architekten, member of the jury 2020 and 2022

The panel discussion will be moderated by Anita Simeon Lutz, Dipl. Arch ETH, Editor-in-Chief of the residential magazine Das Ideale Heim. The panel will be followed by a book launch of the new architecture prize books with an aperitif. (Credits Archithema) 

meter-magazin.ch | yvonneruetsche.ch | lukaslenherr.ch | dost.org

Agenda - neue räume as a 22 part of Zurich Design Weeks

From September 1-20, 2022, the largest design event in Switzerland is forming in Zurich. The first edition on the theme of UNCOVER brings together the following established events and institutions: Digital Festival and HackZurich, Mode Suisse, neue räume 22, and the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich. The broad supporting program of the three-week festival invites visitors to attend various events and exhibitions. City walks connect the various venues with each other. The program is varied and interesting. Daily changing events and visits to studios and designers complement installations throughout the city. The Museum für Gestaltung, as the design center, presents the temporary exhibition "Textile Garden". This is extended by the light installation "Bloom" by Luciano dell'Orefice and Xavier Aymon, which shines a new light on the building from the Bauhaus era. "neue räume 22" is a partner and part of Zurich Design Weeks. (Credits Zurich Design Weeks)

designweeks.ch | museum-design.ch | neueraeume.ch


Some of our exhibitors will show furniture from Scandinavian companies such as Menu, Skagerak, Louis Poulsen, Fritz Hansen, Eikund... Scandinavia is known for good architecture modern, simple design. Therefore, our recommendations for the fall lead to Copenhagen, one of the design capitals of the North. Hotel SP34, right in the center of Copenhagen, impresses with its location and Scandinavian, minimalist décor. The owners' basic idea was to create a hotel with a personal atmosphere and interesting, unusual interior design - all icons of Scandinavian design. A classic is the Arne Jacobsen-designed SAS Hotel from the 1960s, which has been renovated in some style. The stay proves that the beauty and efficiency of modernism is still alive. Room 606, however, is the only room still in the condition designer Arne Jacobsen once created it. Hotel Alexandra also scores with Danish desin classics such as furniture by Verner Panton, Finn Juhl and Hans Wegner. Behind a historic facade lie rooms furnished with timeless Scandinavian elegance. Eleven of the 61 rooms are furnished with their most famous objects as a tribute to individual designers. (Credits SP34, jr, Hotel Alexandra, Smart Traveller)

brochner-hotels.com | radissonhotels.com/en/hotels/radisson-collection-copenhagen | hotelalexandra.dk

comfort food - Copenhagen's best of

One of the highlights of Copenhagen's food scene - along with the legendary NOMA, of course - is the hip restaurant AMASS on a former industrial site on the edge of the harbor. Southern Californian Matt Orlando cooks up a mix of minimalist Nordic cuisine and Californian spirit in an old tool shed. In summer, picnic in the vegetable garden and enjoy the excellent fried chicken with bisquits, cole slaw and a chocolate chip cookie. The newest restaurant in the COFOCO (Copenhagen Food Company) family is HÖST, designed by design studio Menu and Norm Architects. The space is rustic-modern, and the cuisine is fancy and innovative. COFOCO and Trois Cochons are also highly recommended. For lunch, the new market halls are a paradise for slow food lovers. In addition to many catering specialties, there are exclusive food stalls with Danish dishes such as Hallernes Smørrebrød. And even if it is very difficult to book a table at NOMA - just don't give up hope!      (Credits COFOCO, jr, AMASS, NOMA ) 

amassrestaurant.com. | cofoco.dk | noma.dk | torvehallernekbh.dk 

danish design in Copenhagen

Many Danish furniture companies have their flagship stores and showrooms in Copenhagen, displaying their sleek furniture in a distinctive setting. The minimalist furniture and housewares of the Danish brand Menu are presented in a new showroom designed by Norm Architects. It also serves as an office, café and co-working space. Located in the Nordhavn district next to the city's harbor, the office's sleek concrete interior is inspired by its rugged and industrial surroundings. Since 1872, Fritz Hansen has been synonymous with quality and great Danish design. At the store in Valkendorfsgade, the old Danish design principles blend perfectly with new and innovative ideas. The space feels like a modern home with a bright, welcoming Nordic atmosphere with natural tones and materials. FROST was founded in 2002 by Hans Jørgen Frost with a vision to create a new generation of home furnishing accessories and architectural hardware where Danish design tradition and functionality go hand in hand. The attractive showroom in Copenhagen opened this spring. (Credits Menu, Fritz Hansen, Frost )

menuspace.com | fritzhansen.com | frost.dk | normcph.com 

We thank you for your loyalty and commitment, because so in 2022 the International Interior Design Exhibition "neue räume" can take place again. "neue räume 22" will inspire and excite. We look forward to your ideas and suggestions as always on news@neueraeume.ch. To the nordic feeling fits the following Smørrebrød-Recipe:

1-2 slices of brown bread (e.g. pumpernickel), 2-3 lettuce leaves, 1 cup of sour cream, fresh dill, 1 red onion, marinated or pickled herring (e.g. herring flet from a jar), salt & pepper. Add the finely chopped dill to the sour cream, season with salt & pepper. Spread the bread with the sour cream, top with lettuce and the onion rings. Finally, arrange the pickled herring on top and decorate with dill, for example. The variations of Smørrebrød-Recipes are countless - with crab, salmon, blue cheese... and accompanied by a glass of ice-cold aquavit and a Danish beer!

skål and see you next time.

judith raeber for new spaces 22