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news from neue räume - June 2022

worth seeing: new museums 

Ten days ago, the new Norwegian National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design opened in Oslo. The architectural partnership kleihues & schuwerk Berlin designed the massive building, which relates to the existing structure of the city on two levels. The different parts of the building are offset to the horizontal element of the alabaster hall, the materials are durable and long-lasting. The glass light hall for temporary exhibitions on the roof is the highlight of the complex. An example of a completely different kind is the subtly inserted entrance building of the Musée de Cluny medieval museum in Paris, a design by the French architect Bernhard Desmoulin. The volume of the new building takes up the orientation of the neighbouring building, which was added to the main medieval building in the 19th century. The interweaving of the geometries and the simple, monochrome colour scheme of the new building connects the two buildings and blends them into a harmonious whole. Not yet open to the public is the new wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York. Mexican architect Frida Escobedo, who is best known in our country for the Serpentine Pavilion 2018, replaces architect David Chipperfield, whose commission ended after seven years. Pictured is Frida Escobado's Nordenhake México gallery. We're excited... (Credits Frode Larsen, ©Bernard Desmoulin, Rafael Gamo)   

kleihues.com | desmoulin-architectures.comfridaescobedo.com

news exhibitor new rooms 22

ANDY WARHOL x GUFRAM: The Italian label Gufram presented the well-known cactus sculptures in a new edition together with the Andy Warhol Foundation of Visual Arts at the Salone del Mobile 2022. It is a translation of the vision of one of the greatest pop artists onto an icon of the design world in a limited edition of 99 pieces. The ANDY WARHOL x GUFRAM Edition also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the world-famous cactus. The shared desire for creative impulses brought OREA together with Andreas Caminada. The new Andreas Caminada kitchen is a place that inspires by touching surfaces and thus becomes an integral part of cooking. Timeless in design and based on natural materials, OREA shows in "neue räume 22" that a perfectly planned kitchen and passionate cooking belong together. Fritz Hansen, founded in 1872, celebrates some of the most famous designs of the last 150 years with the anniversary collection. Each piece of furniture shows the commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality materials and timeless design. For example, the classics Egg, Swan, PK61 and Alphabet are fitted with exclusive new materials. Vanir, the fabric developed by Raf Simons for Kvadrat, celebrates its première with the 150th anniversary. (Credits Gufram, Orea/Caminada, André Herger, Fritz Hansen )

gufram.it | warholfoundation.org | orea-kuechen.ch | andreascaminada.com | fritzhansen.com

After exhibitions in the odd years since 2001, "neue räume" is taking place for the first time in a year with an even number. As with many other exhibitions and events, Switzerland's largest international furniture fair had to be postponed due to corona. Preparations for the exhibition in Hall 550, the former ABB halls, are in full swing. More than 100 exhibitors from various countries will show classics and novelties. The well-known Swiss artist Beat Zoderer has been won for the key visual and will also be showing some of his latest works in one of the exhibition areas. The "Zurich Design Weeks" platform is a community that brings together newly creative companies and design events . In addition to "neue räume 22", Mode Suisse, Digital Festival & Hack Zurich as well as the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich are participating. The first edition is dedicated to the topic UNCOVER. Zurich Design Weeks' own productions complement the programme of the three-week event. These include Off Spaces throughout the city, landmark projects in public spaces as well as talks, walks and other programme items. (Credits Museum für Gestaltung, Beat Zoderer, Zurich Design Weeks, Mode Suisse)

museum-gestaltung.ch | zoderer.ch | designweeks.ch | modesuisse . com

very peri - Pantone colour of the Year 2022

Very peri 17-3938 is the Pantone Colour Institute 's colour of the year 2022. It is very purple, a little out of style and therefore very contemporary. As the first colour, very peri is not a shade from an existing collection, but a completely new creation. Purple is not the right term - the name Very Peri comes from periwinkle, the English name for periwinkle, whose flowers alternate between a pale purple and pastel violet. It stands for departure, change and creativity and is meant to express bold curiosity that inspires our creative spirit. Even though it is mainly a promotional campaign for Pantone, the tradition of the annual colours has always had an impact on the global creative scene. In any case, the flood of purple announcements in fashion and design was high - after Blue 2020 and Grey 2021, at least the (colour) world looks more positive again. In addition to manufacturers such as Fritz Hansen, who present the cover of the Ro armchair in the trendy colour, or Cassina with the now very trendy Met sofa, Lady Gaga has already raised the purple flags with her striking dress at the première of House of Gucci. (Credits Cassina, Pantone, Fritz Hansen, Vogue France)

cassina.com | pantone.com | fritzhansen.com

Willy Guhl (1915 - 2004) was a Swiss designer and furniture designer who had a lasting influence on many contemporary designers. A trained cabinetmaker, he attended the Zurich School of Arts and Crafts and studied with Wilhelm Kienzle until 1938. In 1939, he founded his own studio in Zurich. Throughout his life, he was committed to sustainable and valuable design, was a co-founder of the Association of Swiss Interior Designers (VSI) and, from 1941, a teacher at the Zurich School of Applied Arts (now the Zurich University of the Arts), which he headed after 1951. As a design pioneer, he designed the famous Eternit beach chair, the very first plastic bowl, but also everyday objects such as the iconic candlestick. His principle was reason and human scale, his work was defined by clarity, adequate material applications and functionality. His designs are durable and reduced to the essentials and still have a timeless significance today. From 9 December 2022, his work will be honoured in the exhibition Thinking with your hands at the Museum für Gestaltung. (Credits Frank Landau, Eternit, Museum für Gestaltung)

eternit.ch | museum-design.ch

Highlights: Salone Milano & 3 days of design Copenhagen

The Salone del Mobile is back and celebrated its 60th birthday this year - present, confident and with many highlights. Louis Vuitton celebrates 10 years of Objets Nomades, an opportunity to present the special designs in the iconic Garage Traversi. Atelier Öi draws inspiration from the dune feeling and shows the Belt Lounge Chair. where 14 leather strips are stretched between the metal and wooden shafts. As every year, Hermès convinced with a great staging in the grandiose Pelota - four oversized light installations in the shape of water towers, a filigree wooden construction covered with coloured paper. Tom Dixon also celebrated the twentieth birthday of his eponymous brand at the Milan Furniture Fair. In Copenhagen, Fritz Hansen outshone everything with its pavilion at the Design Museum. With special attention to daylight and executed in natural materials, the pavilion is an example of sustainability. The company VIPP had interior stylist Julie Cloos Mølsgaard convert a former garage into a hotspot for art and food - with the latest outdoor furniture collection in sight. And Pernille Vest has designed an atmospheric, flexible office interior for Karakter Copenhagen. So there are always plenty of good reasons to travel to Milan and Copenhagen.... (Credits Fritz Hansen, Karakter Copenhagen, Atelier Oi, zVg)

salonemilano.it | 3daysofdesign.dk | karakter-copenhagen.com | louisvuitton.com | hermes.com

The Zentrum für Architektur Zürich ZAZ is showing the exhibition "TOUCH WOOD" from 10. 6. to 22. 10. 2022. Starting from the material, TOUCH WOOD explores the potential in architecture and invites a differentiated reflection on our built future. Practical and visionary at the same time, TOUCH WOOD delves into the universe of wood and opens the view to an environmentally friendly architecture of the future. For the new exhibition in the Pavillon Le Corbusier, seven contemporary photographers visited seven selected buildings. Their subjective photographic portraits complement architectural models in uniform scale and material. The show invites the public on a journey through France and Switzerland to discover Le Corbusier's architecture from new perspectives. Exhibition until 27. 11. 2022 in the Pavillon Le Corbusier Zurich. With the major exhibition "Sculpture. Rethinking the World", the Vitra Design Museum examines the history, present and future of a controversial material: from the rapid rise of plastics in the 20th century to their devastating consequences for the environment and approaches to solutions for a more sustainable use of plastic. Rarities from early modernism, objects from the pop era, but also numerous current designs and projects are on display. The exhibition will run until 4. 9. 2022. (Credits Vitra Design Museum, ZAZ, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich)

design-museum.de | zaz-bellerive.ch | pavillon-le-corbusier.ch


the most beautiful bathing establishments in Switzerland

A bathing establishment from the 1950s that was designed with special care is the Gartenbad in Grenchen. It was made possible by the flourishing watch industry, which allowed Grenchen to make numerous investments in public buildings. The Grenchen swimming pool is the first open-air pool in the canton of Solothurn to be listed as a historical monument. In Riehen, the exceptional architecture distinguishes the natural swimming pool designed by Herzog & de Meuron. The operations building with café, cloakrooms and ticket office is made entirely of wood and offers an additional, much-used outdoor area in the form of the accessible roof terrace. The swimming pool is designed as a continuous bathing lake surrounded by plants. The successful symbiosis of outdoor pool and landscape was honoured with the Good Building Award in 2018. Patrick Schoeck, the swimming pool expert of the Swiss Heritage Society, sees a new development that leads away from the traditional swimming pools. With a focus on sustainability and closeness to nature, a new lakeside landscape was created in the Reuss delta of the Lake of Uri, which is used as an open-air swimming pool. The islands were created using excavated material from the NRLA and blend harmoniously into the landscape. We recommend the publication by the Swiss Heritage Society: Switzerland's most beautiful baths. (Credits Swiss Heritage Protection, Leonardo Finotti, Keystone)

swimmingpool.grenchen.ch | naturbadriehen.ch | homelandprotection.ch

Shopping: everything for garden and beach

We enjoy the first summer days, spend time in nature, in the green, at the lake. It's time for a relaxed meal with friends in the garden or on the balcony. Maybe we need a new garden table, different chairs or a parasol. Or we give our meal a new setting with a colourful tablecloth, painted plates and colourful glasses. Since the 1930s, the Embru company has been developing and producing beautifully shaped and durable garden furniture. The classic Häfeli garden table, the matching chairs or the lounger by Altdorfer with the spaghetti cover embellish any outdoor area. The Nordic-inspired outdoor furniture by the Danish company Skagerak looks natural and uncomplicated. With its clear design language, the Catania parasol matches classics as well as new designs. For the table setting, we let ourselves be seduced by the southern Italian label ... whose hand-painted ceramics consist only of unique pieces - individually or combined with simple tableware, each place setting looks like something out of a summer fairy tale by the sea. The coloured glasses by Alfredo Häberli for IIttala are a perfect match. (Credits Embru, Skageraak, Iittala) 

embru.ch | skagerak.com | iittala.com | studioriviera.de  

Culinary: Summer evenings by the lake 

The Fischerstube on Zurich's lakeside, which reopened a year ago, offers a spectacular view as well as an architectural experience. The concept picks up the architectural language of the original building from 1939, which fell victim to a fire in 1956. The open wooden construction and the large window fronts have a modern and generous effect. The honeycomb-like ceiling design in the Fischerstubestemmt by the artist, mathematician and architect Urs Beat Roth from Zurich. There are classic and fruity drinks, and the menu has something for everyone. You feel on the sunny side of life at the Sunset Bar in Lucerne. After an invigorating swim in Lake Lucerne, you sit in the greenery, let your legs and soul dangle with refreshing cocktails and tasty aperitifs. If you're feeling peckish, there's pizza, fish crispies and grilled delicacies. The Inselwirtschaft Ufnau is more than just a restaurant. It is wonderful to linger on an island in the middle of the lake and enjoy fish freshly fished from the surrounding water. Of course, there are also excellent dishes for those who don't like meat and fish. Accompanied by a Vivus Rosé Brut from the Einsiedeln monastery winery, which has its own vineyards on the island - what more could you want...(Credits Juliet Haller, Imaginaro, Peclard )

fischerstube-zuerich.ch | sunsetbar.ch | ufnau.ch

We thank you for your loyalty and your commitment so that the International Interior Design Exhibition "neue räume" can take place again in 2022. "neue räume 22" will inspire and excite. As always, we look forward to receiving your ideas and suggestions at news@neueraeume.ch. Finally, here is the recipe for the perfect non-alcoholic Negroni - the Nogroni... (Credit Tagesanzeiger, Grand Café Lochergut Zurich)

3 cl Seedlip Grove 42 (non-alcoholic gin)
3 cl Monin non-alcoholic bitters
3 cl Palermo rosso (non-alcoholic vermouth)

Served stirred on ice with orange zest - to your health.

judith raeber for new spaces 22