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news from neue räume - August 2022


Berlin-based Studio Baumhauer renovated a traditional farmhouse in the Swiss village of Florins, inserting a wooden structure with new rooms in place of the existing barn. The architects focused on expanding the existing rooms so that they form a unity with the historic substance. For the new facades, rough-sawn, untreated larch wood was chosen to refer to the traditional structures of the region (Fig. 4). The "Stiftung Ferien im Baudenkmal" is a project of tourism and monument preservation. It takes over architectural monuments exposed to decay and threatened with demolition, restores them gently and gives them a new future as vacation properties. We show three examples from different eras. The Sunflower House with Art Nouveau interior in Arbon was the home of the Swiss decorative painter and photographer Max Burkhardt. Built to his own design between 1904 and 1910, it is a total work of art in its unity of architecture, interior design and artistry (Fig. 2). In Biel stands the apartment house built in 1933 by the architects Hans Wildbolz and Max Rikli - a good, straight-lined representative of moderate modernism. It is located in a strongly heterogeneous residential quarter with a beautiful view (Fig. 1). The original building of the picturesque Bergwalder-Gitsch Hüs in Grengiols with its elaborate facade paintings dates back to 1592. Gently modernized, elements such as the old beams, the worn floors, fireplaces and guild stone stoves still bear witness today to the long history of the building monument (Fig. 3). (Credits Ralph Feiner | Holidays in an architectural monument)

baumhauer.com | ferienimbaudenkmal.ch

news exhibitor new rooms 22 - all in color

Swiss manufacturer Vifian has developed a modular and functional storage system in collaboration with Mia Kepenek. Trio impresses with multidimensional looks and sophistication in both material and color combination - complexity that looks simple and convinces threefold. With its clear design language and playful details, the colorful system furniture will convince any design lover. The table IGN. 3D is made of high-quality solid wood. Its harmonious lines and curved shapes make it appear surprisingly light. With IGN. 3D. you can build your own personal works of art. The Stadthall chair by Roland Rainer is a Viennese original from the 1950s. Due to the special construction method, the Stadthallensessel appears visually massive, robust and radiates value. The redesign by Seledue also features a model with armrests. New is the merger of GUFRAM and MEMPHIS ITALIA, known are the extraordinary furniture and objects. At "neue räume 22" the characteristic design icons can be visited. (Credits Vifian, IGN, Seledue, MEMPHIS )

vifian.ch | kepenek.ch | ign.swiss | seledue.ch | gufram.it

let's celebrate: 20 years Tom Dixon Studio

Tom Dixon celebrates its 20th anniversary in the form of an extraordinary traveling exhibition. TWENTY presents modified, upgraded and rethought innovations that offer a reflective yet forward-thinking overview of the most beloved design pieces Tom Dixon has created since the brand's inception two decades ago. For the 11th edition of "neue räume," he will showcase a selection of his iconic designs - from the Melt, Globe and Press lamps to the Flame Cut armchair. The latter is part of a series of archetypal furniture objects, made of the unusually heavy material of inch-thick sheet steel and an example of true durability. Tom Dixon will be present in person at the opening night of "neue räume 22" to talk about his work and his passion for design in conversation with Michelle Nicol / Neutral Zurich. (Credits Tom Dixon)


Sound & Technology at new rooms 22

The Revox audio systems offer outstanding and innovative audio solutions to enjoy music individually in true-to-the-original sound quality. The STUDIOMASTER T700 Turntable is a HighEnd record player and fulfills every demand for an exclusive sound carrier. After five years of development, the paradigm-shifting HIDDEN SOUND series produced by Brand New World in Zurich is launched for Switzerland at "neue räume 22". The success at this year's Salone del Mobile at Fornasetti also promises an experience of a special kind - the perfect sound with minimal speakers. Washing machines from Schulthess are full of good ideas: The intelligent washing programs gently and quickly wash perfectly clean even at low washing temperatures, require little water and thus ensure first-class energy efficiency. And they impress with their modern, appealing aesthetics. With the Excellence Line, V-ZUG demonstrates perfection at the highest level. Elegant and timeless, the appliances of the Excellence Line combine Swiss quality and functionality in your kitchen.    (Credits Revox, HIDDEN SOUND, Schulthess, V-ZUG )

revox.com | brandnewworld.ch | hiddensound.ch | schulthess.ch | vzug.com

Women in design: an exhibition with annabelle

Together with the women's magazine "annabelle", "neue räume 22" presents in an attractive exhibition well-known furniture and objects by female designers who have made a name for themselves from the beginning of the twentieth century until today with their interesting and also unconventional designs - from the tried and tested classic to the experimental textile project. Partly in collaboration with architects and designers, some of them have painstakingly conquered their deserved place. The crowd favorites will be raffled off among the visitors. Among them are icons of modernism such as Eileen Gray and her famous side table (Classicon), Italian architect and designer Gae Aulenti with the striking Pipistrello lamp, Hella Jongerius with the "Bovist" stool for Vitra (images 1 & 2) and Patricia Urquiola, who designed the "Shimmer" side table on display for Glas Italia (images 3 & 4). (Credits Vitra, Glas Italia)

vitra.com | glasitalia.com | jongeruslab.com | patriciaurquiola.com

Special shows - Young Labels part two 

At this year's edition "neue räume 22" 23 labels show innovative and unconventional ideas. From carefully designed planters to timepieces and attractive accessories, visitors can expect a promising and varied exhibition. We present the second selection, which shows the diversity of the exhibiting labels. Form & Refine is a Danish interior label that carefully selects the finest materials from around the world and has them processed in the countries of origin, taking into account the local craft traditions. The resulting collection pieces in Nordic design become even more valuable over the years. Dabisabi is a manufactory from Lucerne that produces beautifully shaped ceramics. d a b i s a b i carries the Japanese aesthetic concept *wabisabi*, the concept of perception of beauty - w a b i - quiet simplicity and s a b i - traces of the past, so perfectly imperfect. IKO. introduces a new armchair for office use. Each iko. Floating armchair is individual. Different materials and colors are available. No matter the combination, quality is always the top priority and the workmanship is impeccable. Atelier Volvox from Zurich manufactures objects for a more poetic everyday life: fascinated by colors, shapes and surfaces, interested in a wide variety of manufacturing techniques and with a desire to create and produce. The objects are made in small series by artisans and supervised workshops. (Credits Form & Refine, dabisabi, iko, atelier volvox)

formandrefine.com | dabisabi.com | iko.swiss | ateliervolvox.ch

From August 27 to December 18, 2022, the Bellpark Museum will present an exhibition on the American artist and musician Kim Gordon. At the suggestion of Kim Gordon, photographer Josephine Pryde is also involved in the exhibition project in the former factory owner's villa in Kriens. Both turn to the subject of real estate, gentrification, gentrification in an unusual way. A woman is a woman is a woman.... a history of women artists. This opportunity to question the art historical canon is presented in the exhibition on women artists in the collection, curated by cultural scientist Elisabeth Bronfen. The exhibition at the Aargauer Kunsthaus explores the relationship between visual art and sexual difference in modernism and postmodernism through January 15, 2023, while the Gelbe Haus in Flims approaches this Swiss phenomenon in the exhibition MYTHOS CHALET - Sehnsucht, Kitsch und Baukultur (exhibition through October 23, 2022). And we look forward to the inspiring atmosphere of the Maison et Objet fair and Paris Design Week from September 8 - 12 and 17, 2022, respectively (Credits Museum Bellpark, Aargauer Kunsthaus, das Gelbe Haus, Maison & Objet).

bellpark.ch | aargauerkunsthaus.ch | dasgelbehausflims.ch | maison-objet.com


Sea, Sun & Palms - the Côte d'Azur

To enjoy a few more late summer days, a long weekend on the Côte d'Azur is a good idea. The summer heat is over, the beaches are no longer so crowded. Exciting new hotel concepts are attracting design-savvy vacationers. At the luxury hotel Maybourne Riviera near Roquebrune-Cap Martin, guests can spend the whole day lounging by the pool with a view of the Mediterranean. The new property of the London-based Maybourne Group (Claridge's, Connaught, The Berkeley) is an architectural highlight and the most spectacular new hotel on the French south coast. The Hotel Belle Plage in Cannes, a former beach hotel from the 1930s, blends perfectly into its surroundings with its flowing lines. The rooms are all blue and sand. Parisian designer Raphael Navot has been commissioned for the entire interior design. In Saint Tropez, Hotel La Tartane evokes the carefree times of the Roaring Twenties with style and elegance. Like a Provençal village, it is surrounded by a Mediterranean garden full of citrus plants. Rooms are spread over five small houses, all named after famous visitors to the French Riviera. (Credits PD, Christophe Coenon, la Tartane)

maybourneriviera.com | hotelbelleplage.fr | latartane-hotel.com

fresh from sea and garden: the cuisine of the south

Near Saint Tropez is the organic winery Fondugues-Pradugues with special rosé and red wines. The estate has its own highly recommended restaurant - but a special experience is the gray vintage food truck L'Ephemere, where you can enjoy Provençal delicacies under pine trees. La Petite Maison is an institution and one of Nice's hotspots. A restaurant, with a beautiful terrace, an elegant traditional space and that certain mix of grandeur and place to be. The cuisine has an excellent reputation in the city. Just off Cannes' famous Croisette, the inviting Bobo Bistro is somewhat hidden. In a stylish setting with black-and-white photos and a wall installation of old spools of thread, it serves varied seasonal Mediterranean dishes. Overlooking Marseille's old harbor is Sepia, a favorite for simple yet refined market cuisine. In 2017, the flat white building was completely renovated with copper elements, to which - and, of course, the copper cooking pots -the restaurant owes its name.    (Credits Fondugues, Nicola Bramikg Smart Traveller, Bobo Bistro, Sepia ) 

fondugues.com. | bobobistro.com | lapetitemaison-nice.com | restaurant-sepia.fr 

Prolongation of the vacation feeling 

A little South of France feeling for home, read on the balcony the book "a French summer" by Francesca Reece and drink a glass of rosé... In Cassis at Fragonard, after visiting the perfume factory, buy a summery fragrance for home (perhaps Coeur de Soleil), have the famous Tarte Tropézienne packed at Micka's in Saint Tropez and buy lots of Picholines olives at one of the weekly markets. The cheese selection in the box lined with wood wool gives off an intense aroma in the car, but where better goat cheese than in France. Together with a bottle of excellent Bandol from Domaine la Suffrène, the almost French baguette from Seri, the vacation feelings still resonate a bit at home.... and, of course, go there again soon - the French Riviera is worth a trip at any time of year. And in the meantime, you can console yourself with yes the new Downton Abbey movie, most of which is set there. (Credits Fragonard, La Tarte Tropézienne, rove.me, le marché de nos collines )

usines-parfum.fragonard.com | latartetropezienne.fr. | domaine-la-suffrene.com | seri.li 

We thank you for your loyalty and your commitment, so that the International Interior Design Exhibition "neue räume" can take place again in 2022. "neue räume 22" will inspire and excite. As always, we look forward to your ideas and suggestions at news@neueraeume.ch. The crudités with sauce anchoide match the French Riviera longing:

Vegetables: 3 tomatoes, 5 mushrooms, 4 chicory, 2 fennel bulbs, 1 celery, 5 carrots, 1 cucumber, 1 bd. Radish, 2 lemons, 4 hard boiled eggs

Anchoids: 125g butter, 200g anchovies (anchovies), 2 cloves of garlic, 125ml olive oil, ground pepper.

Clean the raw vegetables, wash them and arrange them on a large bowl in an appetizing way. Crush the garlic in a mortar. Heat the butter in a bain-marie, add the anchovies and garlic, mix with the olive oil to make a creamy sauce. Season to taste with the pepper. Serve the eggs with the vegetables and sauce. (Credit Smart Travelling)

bon appétit and see you next time.

judith raeber for new spaces 22