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Anke Zoderer


On the 11th edition of «neue räume»

The well-known Swiss artist Beat Zoderer designed the key visuals of the international interior design exhibition. He is also showing some of his latest work in a special exhibition. Beat Zoderer (*1955 in Zurich) has been working as an independent artist since 1979. Scholarships from the city of Zurich were followed by two studio grants for Genoa in 1986 and New York in 1988. In 1995, he was awarded the Manor Art Prize, and in 1998, he received an award from the Max Bill/Georges Vantongerloo Foundation Zumikon. 

His current solo exhibitions include 2021 «Visuelle Interference» at Kunsthalle Weisshaupt in Ulm, Germany, and 2022 «Less and More» at Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar, Netherlands.  With his distinctive objects, paintings, and installations, Beat Zoderer is one of the leading artists on the Swiss art scene and has made a name for himself internationally. Inconspicuous everyday objects and materials from the hardware store form the components from which he combines his filigree works. PVC, building boards, rubber bands, metal strips, or poured-out Styrofoam balls merge into radical optical structures, that, upon closer inspection, surprise the viewer with their seemingly effortless lightness. Playing with the questioning of visual conventions makes his art surprising and engaging.

Works such as paintings and sculptures can be seen as part of «neue räume 22».

Anker young labels

Young labels

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Anker Architekturpreise

Architecture awards 2022

Architecture awards «The best single-family house» & «The best conversion»

The two architecture prizes «The Best Single-Family House» and «The Best Conversion» - awarded by the two magazines «Das Ideale Heim» and «Umbauen+Renovieren» respectively - bring good and remarkable Swiss architecture closer to a broad public. In the 9th edition, the expert juries again evaluated a convincingly rich variety of projects, and in the end, one project each was honoured that not only convinced in terms of aesthetics and design, but also highlights innovative approaches. An exhibition honours the nominated projects.

Anker Mobiglias

Graubünden produces design

Mobiglias - craft culture in Graubünden

The Graubünden group "mobiglias" invited to a public design competition. They were looking for objects and furniture with a connection to the canton of Graubünden, which can be handcrafted and preferably made of local materials. The members of "mobiglias" produced the winning works as prototypes and are showing them for the first time at the special show.

Anker HSLU

HSLU - Built quality of life

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Built quality of life is the essence of the interaction between people and space. The quality design of the human environment is at the heart of all the content of the Institute of Interior Design at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The user-centred approach to planning and building is always the guiding principle. At «neue räume» we will take you on an exciting journey through three years of interior design bachelor studies.

Anker HFTG

HFTG - The measure of things

The HFTG Zug is exploring and taking measures

We are surrounded by things, by so many - a whole mass of things. Some are important tools for us, we can hardly do without them. Others would be unnecessary. We still appreciate them, they make our lives sweeter and then there are things around us of no practical use, they are just there, since sometime, and they mean a lot to us. We are emotionally attached to them, they are precious to us!

Together with the audience and selected guests, the HFTG Zug explores the measure of things, weighs up the value we attach to them and takes action.

Anker ZHdK


Zurich University of the Arts - Industrial Design

Industrial design students in the 1st semester at the ZHdK designed inflatable light objects made of white balloon foil during the shutdown. The worked at home with cutters, scissors and modified soldering irons. In the process, they saw how much is possible with the simplest of means. The luminous objects were to create a festive mood at the student's post-Corona celebration.

Anker Kramis

KRAMIS - Swiss carpet manufacture

Live tufting in the retailer lounge

The family-run Kramis manufactory is known for its high-quality and individualized hand-tufted carpets. For the first time at «neue räume» the elaborate and sophisticated tufting technique will be shown live. As a visitor, you will get the opportunity to actively participate in the carpet production. Be there in the retailer lounge.

Anker annabelle

women in design

Annabelle x «neue räume 22»

Together with the women's magazine "annabelle", "neue räume 22" shows in an attractive exhibition well-known furniture and objects by designers who have made a name for themselves with their interesting and unconventional designs from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day - from the proven classic to the modern experimental textile project. Partly in cooperation with architects and designers, some of them have laboriously conquered their deserved place. The audience favourites will be raffled among the visitors.

Anker Fachhändlerlounge

Retailer lounge

Your retailer from the region

For the third time, «neue räume» stages a retailer lounge for the interested visitor. Here you will find your competent partner from the region, who will further advise you for your furnishing. The lounge will be equipped with a live tufting of the company Kramis.

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